is Robby Van Craenenbroeck. He creates objects and organic furniture with solid wood, branches, metal, glass, colorful accents. The artisan approach gives each piece its uniqueness and its own story.

Borri-borri is playing with the tension between design and art. The shape is not dictated by the function. Playfulness and phantasy versus usefulness.


The design may seem basic, but those who look beyond it will discover the details that make a piece of furniture unique. A cutting edge finishing, the result of years of craftsmanship, will stress this even more.

An ecological mind is at the base. Tree waste, residues of metal and glass, old industrial components get a new life. Working with what comes at hand enhances the impact of coincidence. Intuition and coincidence are merging.


An existing design may have its own variations and can be personalized on demand.



















Robby Van Craenenbroeck (°1955) has been working as an independent joiner for some twelve odd years. Each of his creations – from cupboards, modern custom made kitchens to timeless solid wood furniture – held two principles: durability and harmony. Against the grain of throwaway society, furniture for eternity.


His love for wood and furniture coincided with a passion for classic ships. The houseboat ‘Kludde’, a Dutch luxury motor from 1914, literally was bursting at the seams.


The purchase of the workplace ship ‘Stroomlijn’ (our Belgian pride, the only authentically kept tugboat of the Freycinet type from 1899) caused a division of time and energy between being a joiner and the ships. In the end he chose to spend all his time on the restoration of both classic ships. The teak wood wheelhouses recovered their former glory, missing parts were recreated. It was a time of practical concerns, returning to shipyards, welding, burning and grinding…


These last years his artist soul got the upper hand. After studying trees souls, wood and other materials of all kinds the time has come for the essence: the shaping itself.